Care for planet earth

ValueEthical & Social
Locationat home, School
TopicSelf esteem
OverviewEngaging in environmentally friendly conduct can influence the way we perceive ourselves. Environmental friendly conduct leads to a more positive self-image and a feeling of wellbeing. This is the result of research carried out by a group of Dutch scientists. The “let's care for planet Earth” activities make children feel like protagonists through targeted actions. The children’s emotional connections with nature may determine how deeply they will care about the fate of nature.
Learning objectivesDeveloping the child’s self esteem through actions of care and respect for the environment.
Skills developed● Cognitive skills: the relationship with oneself ● Transversal skills: ability to work in a team ● Motor, sensory, and language skills
MethodTeamwork, group discussion
MaterialsA drawing of the Earth (see media files), crayons, small stickers
We start with two complementary topics the facilitator will introduce to the class:
The first topic is “Self esteem”:
Self esteem is a highly complex psychological construct. Your role is to explain the concept of self esteem in the easiest possible way. Self esteem means that you mainly feel good about yourself, that you are proud of what you can do. The objective is to make children recognize the value they have in this world. To make them realize how awesome they are and that everybody is unique! Help them identify and use their strengths to make a significant, positive difference on themselves and those around them.
The second topic is “The planet we live on”
The facilitator introduces the topic “The planet we live on”. The planet is called Earth. Today, the Earth is “sick” because we do not take enough care of it. Our activities are polluting the air and the water, we need an enormous amount of energy, and we are producing too much waste. Use suitable pictures of the planet and the various forms of pollution as shown in the media files
Go through the following steps.
●       So if the Earth is sick, can we cure it?
●       Of course we can! If we cure it, we will be proud of ourselves and happy to have cured it.
●       Now let me show you how...
●       Each child is given a photocopy of the drawing of the "sick" Earth to colour in blue and green.
●       The children are then given small patches to apply to the drawing.
●       During the activity the facilitator asks children if they can think of  actions to be taken to repair the planet, taking notes of the ideas.
●       At the end, all the children sign the document (collecting the class ideas) and the facilitator takes a picture of this important moment.
TipsAdditional materialsHow to apply online?What to do at home?
Resources to help children understand the malaise of the Earth
Additional materials:
For online: computer, cloud platform for video and audio conferencing e.g. Zoom
Video: Earth is sick (ENG)
La tierra está enferma (ES)
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AuthorNaomi Marchiotto
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