The empty pot

OverviewThe first part of the activity aims to show children the importance of being honest. Its second part is a practical experiment.
Learning objectives• Encourage a truthful attitude and actions • Learn to be resilient and patient • Appreciate honesty and integrity
Skills developed• Understanding the importance of integrity in our actions • Learn to act with care and be patient • Seed planting and plant cultivation skills
MethodStorytelling. The activity is based on Demi’s book The Empty Pot (, based on the folk Chinese story of a boy who was rewarded for being honest. The Emperor in order to choose his successor gives away seeds and decides to give his place to the person who will bring him the most beautiful flower. The facilitator can either read the story in class or show a storytelling video. In the second part of the activity, the facilitator gives to the children instructions on how to plant and cultivate seeds. The children are responsible to water and care for their flowers.
MaterialsDemi, The Empty Pot, book available here: ; Yoghurt pots, soil, flower seeds, water
1.The facilitator asks the children to define the terms “honesty” and “integrity”. For the younger age groups, the facilitator gives examples of “honest” and “dishonest” behaviours by presenting different scenarios (e.g., getting a bad note at school, breaking something, etc.) and actions (would they tell the truth?) (15 minutes).
2. The facilitator reads the story (alternatively, they show a storytelling video). (10 minutes).
3. After the story, general discussion on the protagonists’ actions follows and the facilitator asks the children’s opinion about why the boy was rewarded for coming up with an empty pot (20 minutes).
4. After the discussion, the facilitator guides the children on how to plant their seeds and when to water them. The children can write their names on their yoghurt pots and keep them in the classroom (15 minutes).
TipsAdditional materialsHow to apply online?What to do at home?
If there is a facility at school, the children can plant their seeds outdoors.
How to apply it online?
If the activity takes place online, the same method can be applied.
What to do at home?
The same method can be applied at home.
AuthorM. V. Kokota (CSI)

Story_The empty pot

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